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Time is valuable, almost anyone can agree with that. Using augmented reality, our application helps you see what your preferred wall decoration looks like before you waste the time to do it yourself. This allows you to spend less time planning, and more time living.



Choose Artwork

Step one of using the WallView app is selecting your artwork. Whether a painting or poster, you can upload the image directly onto our app using your camera or photo inventory. 

Orient your screen

Once your artwork is uploaded, press your phone screen lightly against the wall you wish to use. Hold your phone vertically for a few seconds in order to allow the app to function. 

Final Step

Once you hear the sound indicating the surface of the wall has been scanned, step away from the wall and resize the artwork to your liking by manually entering the dimensions or using your fingers. 



Our origin moment was during a common situation many people have encountered before, putting up a poster. I had just purchased some posters and was excited to put them in my bedroom. Although tedious, the process of deciding where to place such an object was necessary. All went as expected until I had decided to place a poster on my ceiling, a venture that proved to be less than simple. I pondered whether there was a way to save me some effort but unfortunately after searching the app store, I found nothing. That moment of disappointment was crucial because, on that seemingly normal Thursday night, WallView was born. 



Our purpose is simple, to save time. Using our application, you have the ability to design your walls with minimal effort, while saving maximum time.